Nobuyaki Kirizawa is an independent hyper-pop/electro-pop/electro-trap artist from Lebanon, Pennsylvania. As a child, Kirizawa would always be singing and using any object he could find as a drum. When he was in elementary school, he released an acappela song on YouTube under a different name, which is now lost forever. Kirizawa released his debut single in 2019 and 2 other tracks soon followed after. In 2021, he returned with 4 tracks and his first album, 'The Edge', followed after with a release date of September 5th, 2021, which also was his 19th birthday. 'The Edge' consisted of 13 songs, all of which were produced entirely by him. Another single, 'RIP ME APART', followed after his album's release and was bundled with a radio edit and acappela version. In 2022, he released "Winter Nights", a melodic, snowy, and melancholic song about being alone during the winter time. Following that, he released 'Shit's Crazy (A Tribute)', which is a tribute song to one of Kirizawa's favorite anime dub voice actors Billy Kametz, whom sadly passed away due to colon cancer on June 9th, 2022. Not only did he appear in Kirizawa's favorite game and one of his favorite anime, he was born near Kirizawa's hometown and where he currently resides which really resonated with Kirizawa. He has stated that he will donate all revenue from the track to the Colon Cancer Coalition to honor Kametz's memory.